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Frank R. Agovino 314.345.7011 fagovino@senniger.com
Robert M. Bain 314.345.7013 rbain@senniger.com
Kyle L. Barringer 314.345.7058 kbarringer@senniger.com
Jason H. Conway 314.345.7031 jconway@senniger.com
David E. Crawford 314.345.7014 dcrawford@senniger.com
Robert M. Evans, Jr. 314.345.7004 revans@senniger.com
William R. Everding 314.345.7036 weverding@senniger.com
Paul I. Fleischut 314.345.7003 pfleischut@senniger.com
Michael E. Godar 314.345.7002 mgodar@senniger.com
Kyle G. Gottuso 314.345.7026 kgottuso@senniger.com
Michael J. Hartley 314.345.7022 mhartley@senniger.com
Janet S. Hendrickson, Ph.D. 314.345.7020 jhendrickson@senniger.com
Kurt F. James 314.345.7010 kjames@senniger.com
Julie C. Jennings 314.345.7015 jjennings@senniger.com
Charles A. Johnson , Ph.D
314.345.7052 cjohnson@senniger.com
Morgan L. Johnson 314.345.7017 mjohnson@senniger.com
Jamaal R. Jordan 314.345.7032 jjordan@senniger.com
Vincent M. Keil 314.345.7008 vkeil@senniger.com
Elizabeth E. Millard , Ph.D.
314.345.7035 emillard@senniger.com
William D. O'Neill 314.345.7009 woneill@senniger.com
Kathleen M. Petrillo 314.345.7005 kpetrillo@senniger.com
Jonathan G. Pollmann 314.345.7056 jpollmann@senniger.com
Keith A. Rabenberg 314.345.7006 krabenberg@senniger.com
Eric J. Rakestraw 314.345.7024 erakestraw@senniger.com
John K. Roedel, Jr. 314.345.7001 jroedel@senniger.com
John R. Schroeder 314.345.7023 jschroeder@senniger.com
Paul D. Tietz 314.345.7051 ptietz@senniger.com
Marc W. Vander Tuig 314.345.7019 mvandertuig@senniger.com
N. Chris Walters 314.345.7021 cwalters@senniger.com
Andrew C. Wegman 314.345.7018 awegman@senniger.com

Recent IP Headlines


Robert Bain to Speak on the Effects of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int'l

Senniger Powers attorney Robert M. Bain will give a presentation and participate in a round-table discussion on patent eligibility after the U.S. Supreme Court's Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International decision.


William Everding Selected as Best Patent Attorney in St. Louis

St. Louis Small Business Monthly has named William R. Everding as one of its 2016 Best Patent Attorneys in St. Louis, based on a poll of its readers.


Jordan Named as New Partner

Senniger Powers is pleased to announce that Jamaal R. Jordan has been promoted to partner effective January 2016.


Attorneys Present on Notable Court Decisions

David E. Crawford presented a continuing education session on the Second Circuit's decision in The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., which affirmed the District Court's holding that Google's creation of a digital, searchable database of scanned books constitutes fair use under the Copyright Act.


Senniger Powers Selected as a Tier 1-Best Law Firm

Senniger Powers LLP has been selected by U.S. News - Best Lawyers® as a 2016 St. Louis Tier 1 "Best Law Firm" in the areas of Patent Litigation, Patent Law, and Trademark Law.


Senniger Powers Attorneys Named Super Lawyers  

Senniger Powers is pleased to announce that Robert M. Evans, Jr., Michael E. Godar, Kathleen M. Petrillo, and Marc W. Vander Tuig have been selected to the 2015 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers list.

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